Finding a home: a choice based lettings service from Tamworth Borough Council

Welcome to the website of the choice based lettings service from Tamworth Borough Council - Finding a Home. This is a new way of finding a home in Tamworth for people applying for social housing, which enables greater choice to decide where you want to live and when you want to move.

If you are are not on the housing register, you can apply anytime by filling in a form, available from us directly (see contact us) and also by download through the main Tamworth Borough Council website .

Please note:

There are more people registered on our housing waiting list than there are properties that become available which means that many people that are unlikely to be re-housed with the Council. To help you consider all of your housing options click here.

What is choice based lettings?

Choice based lettings means local authorities advertise their housing vacancies to all applicants. Applicants are given the opportunity to apply (or bid) for advertised properties which are suitable for their needs. The applicant with the highest priority under the scheme becomes the successful applicant. Priority is given to those with more urgent housing needs, and then in order of waiting time. For example, where applicants with the same priority have bid for the same property, the applicant who has been waiting the longest should be allocated the property.

How does it work?

You can view all properties available for letting in several ways:

  • here online on our website at every Tuesday at midnight for a period of one week
  • on posters advertised at Tamworth Borough Council offices (Marmion house) every Wednesday
  • through your support worker or agency
  • To place a bid you will need to create an account and login

Each property advert tells you where the property is, how many bedrooms there are, if its suitable for pets, how much the rent is, who is eligible to bid and photographs.

Our properties are advertised weekly.

You can bid for up to 3 properties per week that you are eligible for that interest you. You can place your bid at anytime during the bidding cycle. You do not need to place a bid as soon as the cycle opens: the property is allocated to the applicant in the highest housing need, not to the applicant who has placed their bid first.

Tenancy Types

From April 2013 the council will also be granting flexible fixed term tenancies to new tenants.

Menu of tenancy types granted by Tamworth Borough Council
Secure – life time tenancy for people moving in to one bed room properties and / or those designated for older people. Secure tenancies are also preserved for existing transferring tenants with a secure or full assured non short hold tenancy held prior to April 2013.  
Non secure – for temporary housing linked to homelessness
Flexible Fixed Term Tenancy that can be for 2 or 5 years.

For more information on tenancy type, click here


The Council has nomination rights to most of the housing associations with properties across the Borough.

This means that we advertise properties from time to time that belong to another landlord. You can place a bid on these and the landlord lets to the successful applicant.

Please note, the lettings criteria for other landlords is often different from that of Tamworth Borough Council’s; please make sure you read and understand who is able to bid on each nomination property before you make your bid.

You will see on the property advert information on the landlord of the property and also the lettings criteria specific to that landlord.

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