Finding a garage is a new way of advertising and allocating our empty garages. Our customers can then express an interest in renting a garage by making a bid. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on the waiting list: click here to make a new garage application if you aren’t currently registered.
  2. Express your interest – place a bid against any of the garages you are interested in renting.
  3. If you are at the top of the bidding shortlist you will be contacted.  All current or former council rent accounts held must be clear, otherwise your bid will be automatically discounted.
  4. You will be given 48 hours to view the garage. You will need to verify your personal details to us i.e. name, address, any disability you may have, and bring vehicle registration documents of the vehicle you intend to keep in the garage.

Once these have been checked, a date will be agreed with you to sign your garage tenancy agreement and collect the keys.

For more information on how we let garages, and to see our garage policy, please click here.

Available garages

The current advertising cycle closes: 19/02/2019 00:00:00
The next advert cycle opens: 20/02/2019 00:00:00

We have found 24 street(s) with available garages for all areas

B77 1DF
1 vacancie(s)
Beauchamp Road
B77 5HR
1 vacancie(s)
Elizabeth Drive
B79 8DE
8 vacancie(s)
B77 2HR
2 vacancie(s)
B77 2HW
12 vacancie(s)
B77 2JF
3 vacancie(s)
Hawthorne Avenue
B79 8QE
8 vacancie(s)
B77 2JR
5 vacancie(s)
Hockley Road
B77 5EW
2 vacancie(s)
B77 2JQ
16 vacancie(s)
B77 2JH
4 vacancie(s)
B77 2HQ
4 vacancie(s)
B77 2JP
6 vacancie(s)
B77 2HD
3 vacancie(s)
Masefield Drive
B79 8JE
2 vacancie(s)
B77 2JL
3 vacancie(s)
B77 2JW
8 vacancie(s)
Richmond Close
B79 7QS
1 vacancie(s)
B77 4EP
1 vacancie(s)
B77 4ER
1 vacancie(s)
B77 4ES
2 vacancie(s)
Stevenson Road
B79 8DR
2 vacancie(s)
B77 2NR
1 vacancie(s)
B77 2NU
1 vacancie(s)



New garage rents from 2nd April 2018, based on a 48 week rent year.

Tenancy held by: Weekly rent from 02/04/18
Tamworth Borough Council tenant £10.60
Council tenant & disabled blue badge holder £9.54
Non council tenant (Council tenant rate plus VAT) £12.72 (includes £2.12 VAT)
Non council tenant & Disabled blue badge holder (Council tenant & disabled blue badge holder rate plus VAT) £11.45 (includes £1.91 VAT)

Town Centre Garages

A premium charge of an additional 81p per week will be charged from 2nd April 2018, on top of the weekly rent, if you do not live within the town centre vicinity.